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A Supreme Comfort & Enrichment For Your Skin

FitPower Lux

The Longer You Wear. The Softer Your Skin.

- A Walking Mask - forms a film of natural moisturizing layer 

-Soft. Refreshing. Luxurious.

- Supreme pamper. Oceanic Collagen-Infused lining. 

- Cooling fabric for extra air permeability. 

- Large built-in sleeve opening for easy disposable filter inserts. 

FitPower Dual Supreme

M. Statement

- Lather in ocean collagen; a luxury facial for your skin  -

FitPower Dual Supreme is everything a mask can ask for. It is light, breathable, and soft. Similar to and exceeding our other masks in the FitPower Collection, this mask is made of ultra-performance fabric that has antimicrobial, water/odor repellent and SPF 30+ . On top of that, we've used supramolecular nanotech to integrate oceanic collagen peptide amino acid to make this mask irresistibly soft and form a natural film to replenish the skin with moisture and protect from UV (the culprit of aging skin). It is the only mask that provides a skincare treatment while fighting viruses. 

Our collagen fabric had passed skin sensitivity & irritation test (ISO10993)

Zero-Friction + Natural Deodorizing Fiber

Strong through 50 + washloads 

Patent Pending

FitPower Lux -Dual Supreme

FitPower Lux -Dual Supreme

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