Think Dual

Made To Fit And Prolong The Lifespan of

                              Your Disposable Mask

FitPower Dual

The Thinnest Antimicrobial Mask Invented

-Light. Breathable. Potent.

-Extra Filtration & Perfect Fit

-A creamy soft texture for the face

FitPower Dual Classic

MaskGuard Classic

- Secure Your Disposable, Reduce Contamination, and Protect Your Skin.  -

FitPower Dual is your go-to mask for long-hour of mask wear. It is highly breathable, extremely soft-good for those with sensitive skin- with extra comfortable ear loops. The flat surface with huge side-openings is specially designed for filtration and medical mask inserts. Also, it is coated with antimicrobial, water repellent, and sweat repellent. The mask is strong and effective after 50+ washloads. 

The highly stretchable and light material fits perfectly with any face shape. Put it on and carry-on with work!

Patent Pending

FREE Customizable for your teams / operations / medical staff / facilities.

Min Bulk Order: 50 masks  ;  Competitive Pricing - Contact for more details

Mask Guard Modern M. Classic

Mask Guard Modern M. Classic

$8.00Regular Price$4.00Sale Price


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