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Re-Open! What Businesses Need To Know About Masks That Protect Staff and Customers

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Man.. 2020 huh? The last few months have been... random & scary. The streets empty and businesses that have been around for decades, closed until the coronavirus pandemic abates. As summer begins, crowds gather & businesses are ready to open and welcome customers with their open arms! The threat isn’t over though...

At a Federal level for re-opening up America, CDC recommends that everyone wear face-covering in the public. Also OSHA, as a preventive measure, recommends workers/employees wear masks daily. More than half of the US States are currently requiring face covering for everyone, and where no requirement is directly expressed, face coverings are still highly recommended. According to CDC guidelines cloth face coverings should:

  1. Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face

  2. Be secured with ties or ear loops

  3. Include multiple layers of fabric

  4. Allow for breathing without restriction

  5. Be laundered and machine dried without damage

Businesses, especially the HR department, need to pay attention to the above points and protect their customers and employees with masks that can tackle all of the above while blocking the summer heat.

Here are some tips on how to select masks that can protect your business during this re-opening

Make Sure Your Employees Are Wearing Fitted Water Repellent & Breathable Facemasks

Hours of wearing a mask during the summertime can be gruesome. Businesses need to be careful when requiring their employees to wear masks as liabilities may come with it, such as skin rashes, heatstroke, ingrown bacteria-related health issues, etc. Sweat can accumulate on traditional masks, that's why an airy and water repellent mask is the most ideal for operations. It is also important to ensure your employee's masks are fitted so particles do not enter from mask gaps. The more cautious corporations are the fewer liability businesses have. Also, employees that wear uniforms should wear uniform masks, to best convey brand personality.

Provide the Best for Your Customers

Many sectors are opening up, but so far, service sectors haven't realized the investments they put in to proactively provide branded masks for guests/customers can effectively reduce business liability and become the greatest marketing.

Entertainment and hotel industries need to shift with the times because facemasks are not going away. Hotels should start impressing customers by making mask/face coverings a room essential. This is not only a way to protect the customer and the hotel itself, but it is also a brilliant way of marketing as people will be walking around/taking pictures with your logo'd mask. As far as corporate gifts/marketing strategy goes, It is also a powerful message when everyone at your business, staff, or customers, are wearing your designed masks that carry your logo.

Movie theaters, casinos, museums, concert venues, and other entertainment venues should also provide masks to everyone that enters to avoid liability when customers contract viruses at their site. Instead of requiring customers to wear masks, the next-step-up for service sector is to actively provide masks. This protects everyone and masks can be created with logos and other marketing messages.

Avoid Second-Wave!

If a second wave hits hard, then businesses will once again close, so keep the virus at bay with high-performance & antimicrobial facemasks. Choose comfortable masks to allow your employees to stay strong at their posts while offering them maximum protection.

If you want to learn more about Mask Guard and what sets us apart from everyone else, then please contact us today.

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